At Tradition we’re dedicated to bringing members from all over the Greater Cincinnati area a life-changing performing arts experience. Each and every year is an adventure, and with your help, we raise money to fund our corps. Now you can join a community of our most committed donors, and protect the future of TRADITION.

Tradition is a non-profit organization under Internal Revenue Code sections 501(c) (3). As such, all contributions are tax-deductible from both individuals and corporations. TRADITION can’t do it without you!

Matching Gifts

Your employer may be able to help you give even more to CT. Many companies have a Matching Gift program where they will match your donation. Just check with your Human Resources office and send us the paperwork. We will take care of the processing and you can be proud of doing even more for the members performing.

For even more information, or to let us know how YOU can help this summer, please email [email protected].TRADITION can’t do it without you!


Shop at Krogers by registering on Krogers, where .2% of dollars spent supports TRADITION.

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Whether you are interested in joining us, supporting us, or just want to stay updated about our organization we'd love to hear from you.
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